Landscape Drainage

Reclaim your Yard from Standing water

Foliage Design System offer several options that improve yard drainage. These systems move the standing water on your property back into the earth and away from high risk flood areas. Thus, protecting your yard and property.

Foliage Design Landscaping Can Help You:

  1. Design a drainage system for your property that protects your foundation and takes water away from your landscape
  2. Fix water drainage issues created by negative slope
  3. Grade and level the property ensuring water is steered away from problem areas

Systems We offer

Drain tile

 A perforated PVC pipe will be put  into the ground. We will then cover the pipe with gravel and soil on your property. This system will capture excess water and move it to a different location on your property. Thus, solving your water issues.

French Drains and
Catch Basins

This  drainage system catches and holds excess water on your property. After installation the water can slowly percolate back into the ground water system. We will then cover the area with decorative rock or sod depending on your preference.

Rain Gardens

Similar to catch basins, rain gardens capture and hold water which will prevent water from sitting on the surface of your property. After that, a variety of water loving plants are planted over the top. This eliminates your water problems and will enhance your landscape.

Yard Drainage Benefits

photo of standing water in yard

Soil Health

Firstly, a healthy soil should not be water logged. Improving drainage will improve your soil quality. Which in turn, improves plant health. By doing this, the home owner will have expand their options as to what we can plant.

Stop erosion

Water running across the surface of the soil cause soil particles to wash away. Allowing this to happen will leave the property owner with a muddy uneven property. Home owners need yard drainage to protect their soil health.

Protect property

Lastly, poor yard drainage and flood like conditions will damage the property and lower home value. But, by improving yard drainage we can prevent this from happening.