Green Roof Services

Design, Installation and Maintenance of Green Roof and Rooftop Gardens:

While the core of our business was the interior landscape our customers soon asked us as long as we were in the building would we service their new green roof plants. One major project was Regents Park at 5050 S Lake Shore Drive. This green roof was over 3 acres in size and contained a “lake” As Landscape Architect Ken Gallt oversaw the maintenance operation for several years, Chicago City Hall was installing their green Roof. These early projects became the foundation for Chicago leading the way for implementing green roof projects throughout the city to protect Chicago’s water supply and to improve the urban environment.
Green Roof Design Chicago IL
Ken Gallt and Foliage Design Systems Chicago continue to be a major resource and consultant in developments of Green Roofs and rooftop Gardens.

Live Roof, Hydrotech, Firestone, Metalmaster

are several of the tray systems that have been developed for easy installation onto a roof. Each system has each benefits and drawbacks. Most systems come as part of a warranty with the waterproofing of the membrane used. Foliage Design Systems acts as the Landscape Architect to specify the plant material and to oversee the irrigation and maintenance of the green roof after the installation.


: As Landscape Architects we are trained in plant material. While some developer see green roofs as just an obligation, others see it as a benefit and selling point to those who like to see a greener world. Landscape Architect Ken Gallt at Foliage Design Systems Chicago has been a leader in building green roof for over 20 years .

Renovations and Engineering:

Rooftop Garden Design Chicago IL Many of the green roof like any landscape need to be continually maintained and new plants added as these plants tend to have a shorter life span than those grown in more normal growing conditions. Trees need more severe pruning and anchoring, perennials need mulching and fertilizing is minimized. Irrigation systems need to be winterized and repairs made in spring. Weather stations and irrigation heads that keep water on the plants and on the roof are monitored.

Soil mixes are made up of inorganic soil mixes so as not to dissipate over time. Weeds need to keep to a minimum. Snow load and live load of people all have to be calculated into the engineering of the green roof.

Native plants, and plant communities can vary with plant dept and weight loads.