Hardscape Installations

Quality Workmanship and design

For over 40 years foliage design systems has been designing hardscape installations across the Chicagoland area. From fire pits to retaining walls we can build it all.

Hardscape Installations we offer

Driveways and walkways

Paved surfaces last  longer  and retain their look better than their concrete and asphalt counterparts. As a result, pavers will cost you less to maintain but also look better than a regular concrete surface. This can drastically improve the durability  and increase the curb appeal/overall look of the property.

Patios and firepits

Install a stunning landscape focal point in your backyard. In addition, to enhancing your landscape, you will have created a new space to gather and use on your property. Once constructed the options are limitless as to what can be added. Options include outdoor grilling stations, bars, ovens and more!


Walls serve many purposes in the landscape. Firstly, walls can be used to redirect water flow and protect your property. Secondly, walls can be used to designate specific areas, or be used as additional seating. Finally walls can be used to hold back soil which allows the homeowner to create a tiered landscape.

Why Choose us for Hardscapes?


Foliage Design systems has installed many different types of hardscape projects. We are adept to install any brand of paver or wall unit. That is to say we are able to offer numerous options on any and every paver that you the homeowner might want.

Industry experience

Besides offering years upon years of hands-on-experience all of our installers undergo ongoing training to stay up to date with most recent hardscape techniques and trends.

Tailored Designs

With our licensed landscape architects we can custom design any hardscape design into your landscape. Our experts will help materialize your dream landscape.