Holiday Décor

Holiday Decor Interior:

Foliage Design System is uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of Holiday Décor. While we are already inside many buildings our people are used to dealing in the interior spaces. Our holiday schedules are set so if it snows we can still install your holiday while the exterior landscape might have to be pushing snow. Your local florist can also do Holiday but they don’t have the equipment of ladders and trucks to install the wide range of Holiday decorations that we are asked.

All commercial Holiday trees in Chicagoland are artificial. We lease trees and decorations to our customers from table top to 20’trees. Themes can be changed and our designers work to create a festive display.

Exterior Lighting:

We also do many outdoor lighting project ranging from simple houses to the River’s Casino. We can customize the house lines using LED opticore bulbs and build a system that can be used year after year. Our exterior lighting includes trees, holiday scenes, reindeer angles, and an assortment of unusual decorations that our then stored in our 13,000 square foot warehouse. Lighting goes up in November and is turned of f after the New Year. We also provide the maintenance of the displays during the season.