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Weekly Maintenance Live and Artificial Plants Fresh Blooming Plants Short Term Rentals Graduations, Concerts & Weddings Green & Moss Walls

Interior landscapes are results of years of experience, and proper site engineering. Large atrium projects are designed years before the building is occupied. Selecting the right trees and plants for the interior is half the battle. Insuring that the site has conditions conducive for plant health is paramount. Lighting, drainage, weighs loads, irrigation all have to be designed into the plans. Soil mixes for the various types of tropical planting also are specified and weigh loads calculated. Large atriums require plants to be pre-purchased and acclimated 12-18 months prior to their shipping into their new low light environments.

Over 40 years of experience and multiple offices throughout the country makes Foliage Design Systems the company of choice for Architects and Owners.

Weekly maintenance: Is custom designed to the project. From large atriums to small office plants our weekly service provides you with the best looking plants and décor in the industry. We have projects that we have maintained for over 30 years. Some projects are serviced three times per week. Other high visible projects are serviced on Sunday morning as early as 4 am. While we design many of our own projects we collaborate with other Landscape Architects to build their landscape concepts and it is during the maintenance phase that we strive to preserve the original design concept.

Live and Artificial Plants:

We have a wide range of live plants and trees that we recommend based on the light requirements of the plants. While live is always the first choice, low light, or cold temperatures, or difficult maintenance conditions create situations where live plants just are not feasible.

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In these cases artificial plants can be designed in with realistic color and flowers. Mixing live and artificial creates an illusion of green, while saving dollars. We use and specify only the highest quality artificial foliage that is “Flame Retardant” and approved for commercial indoor use.


Fresh Floral/Blooming Plants Rotation:

Fresh flowers are changed weekly on our maintenance account. Many accounts ask for color rotations of season flowers: These might include: tulips, daisies, mums, poinsettias, hydrangeas etc. Other rotations: include a tropical rotation of orchids and or orchids.

Water Features:

As Landscape Architects /Contractors we are asked to create focal features in the landscape. People watching, fire and water are the top three. We have designs for both interior and exterior water features. Pondless water features in the landscape are a favorite in the Chicagoland area. Interior water features can be full waterfalls, to streams, to self contained water sculptures.

Short Term Plant Rentals:

Many times we are asked to provide plants for a special event. This includes a trade show, concert, graduation, corporate events and weddings. Many times we are asked to create an entire theme for an event. Planning is the key. Many times we work with the floral company to provide an assortment of green plants and trees. Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks notice.

Graduations, Concerts and Weddings:

Plants and flowers are short rented. Plants and containers are delivered and set us by us or by the customer. They are then picked up at a time mutually agreed upon.


Green Walls: Green walls have been around for more than 35 years. There are many systems that have come and gone. Most systems build on the systems that have preceded them. With space becoming tight and more expensive green walls have become common place. We have patterned with Gsky an international company, working closely with them in several major cities. We believe that these systems are best when engineered into the construction of the building so as to provide for all the mechanical and lighting needed for healthy plant life.Moss Walls: Using live colored moss we are able to create anything imaginable on the wall. We call them moss wall.