Landscape Architectural Services

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Landscape Architects are a key player in bringing the aesthesis into any projects. Trained in horticultural, engineering and architecture, Landscape Architects are licensed professional that work with the architects and engineers to make the final project “green” for years to come.

Landscape Architects have a wide variety of expertise. More than just plant people a professional Landscape Architect will look at soils, drainage, lighting, structures, pavement, slopes, zoning and local ordinances to create landscapes that are buildable. At Foliage Design Systems Chicago we have over 100 years of Landscape Architects experience in the office that can solve the most difficult landscape project.

Planting Plans:

Our team of Landscape Architects and horticultural have years of actual trial experience with plants. We have projects we have designed and maintained for over thirty years so we know which plants work and which plants don’t. Through continuing education we keep abreast of the most current problem in the plant industry and can steer our clients away from problem down the road. Our planting plants can include: Native plants, perennials, evergreens, trees and flowering shrubs.
Of special expertise would be our interior plant-planting plans and rooftop plans. Very few landscape architects have this expertise.

Construction Documents:

Our team of Licensed Landscape Architects can work with the Architects or as a sub-specialist to another Landscape Architect to prepare the Construction Documents for the various landscape projects. These might include the anchoring system for trees, or the drainage details for planters. We have years of experience with various soil mixes and weight loads associated with the various soil mixes. These documents then can be used as part of the construction bid documents for bidding purposes.

Specifications and Bid Documents:

We would with our clients to write the bid specification for both the installation and the maintenance of the various projects. These are legal documents that protect the client and assure a quality product.

City of Chicago Landscape Plan:

The City of Chicago has a landscape ordinance for all new construction and for businesses in transition. Over the years we have worked with many clients to help them through this requirement. Whether it be to hide a “Brownfield in Chicago or landscape a Gas Station in Chicago, the City of Chicago wants to see it done with green.

Drainage and Irrigation Plans:

With the increase rain comes more requests for drainage solutions. Rain gardens, drain tile, working with the local government all come into play to solve these problems. If we can solve the water problem on site without increasing downstream problems we work with our clients to solve the problems while utilizing the water as an asset. Irrigation Plans are customized based on their sites. We have exterior irrigation plans, interior irrigation plans and rooftop irrigation plans.

Landscape Lighting:

No Home Depot Lighting, but great landscape lighting that accents the landscape and illuminates the walks and drive is a must. Building a lighting system that will work for years and be maintenance free is key to any lighting plan. New systems allow for individual lights to have any color desirable, and to have each light programmed from your Ipad. Thus your landscape lighting plan can be programmed for Holiday, 4th of July, St Patrick’s Day, Halloween or and color combination you can think of.

Licensed Landscape Architecture:

Many town and Cities require a “stamped” Landscape Architect Plan. This is to insure that the plans were prepared by a professional licensed practitioner. It is against the law for anyone not licensed to call themselves a Landscape Architect.