Residential Exterior Landscaping

Drainage Problems Corrected Irrigation, Pondless Water Feature Planting and Soil Preparation Stone, Brick Paver Installation Landscape Lighting Patio & Deck Structural Retaining Walls Water Features

As Landscape Architects/Contractors we know the cost of construction and maintenance. We work with our clients to value engineer their landscape projects to insure dollars spent are maximized. In many cases landscape development is phased in over time. Working with the clients we design a landscape that is both award winning and within their budgets.

Design, Installation and Enhanced Maintenance Programs:

During the initial interview with a potential client we find out what the client is looking for and how we can match our services to their needs. During follow-up meeting we prepare various design alternatives, cost analysis and on-going maintenance programs and costs for the various option.

As Landscape Contractors we stand behind our pricing/quotes and can implement the plans and programs presented.

Drainage Problems Corrected:

Before any landscape plan is built in Chicagoland we look serious at the drainage of the landscape. With storms getting more severe we look at the landscape as our first defense to keep our house and properties dry. Rain gardens, drain tile, drywells, and water features can take problems and make them into assets in the landscape. Some communities will also reimburse the residential customers for doing these features.

Irrigation, Pondless Water Features

: While ponds with koi are nice, they tend to be high maintenance and a draw for the Chicago wild life population. Installation of a water feature that drains into a bed of decorative stone and re-circulates creates a great feature with minimum maintenance and great safety.

Planting and Soil Preparation:

Our planting plans include groundcovers up to 6” caliper trees. Different types of plantings require different types of soil preparation and drainage. Mixing the right soil amendments, of sand, peat moss, mushroom compost help get new plants off to a healthy start. Fertilizer and mycorrhizal applications are also added as part of the planting application.

Stone, Brick Paver Installation:

As an Authorized Belgard Stone Paver Installation Contractor we have years of experience in designing and installing patios, walkways and walls in the landscape. Unilock, Rosetta, Rochester are also product lines we install on a regular basis. Knowing what to use, how to install and how the products are to be maintained provides the customer with years of pleasure with their investment.


Landscape Lighting Installation and Maintenance:

We are asked many times to repair the existing lighting systems which have been neglected. Some of these systems previously installed were over $10,000 and do need repair. New systems have the advantage of taking advantage of the LED color systems. These systems let customs change their landscape lighting to any color theme program from a program/Bluetooth on their iphone.

We also provide monthly maintenance to both residence and commercial exterior landscapes, providing pruning, weed control, deadheading, seasonal flowers, fertilizer, and new plantings to keep their landscapes looking as fresh as the day the landscape was installed.


Patio’s and Decks:

Many Decks need to be re-done as the old wood is rotten. Repairing and rebuilding decks with new composite materials is an art in craftsmanship and engineering. Here at Foliage Design Systems Chicago we have both capabilities. Decks are replaced with cedar and stained. Depending on budget boards can be replaced with Trek composite boards. There is also a “silca system” where we can install paver on top of a deck structure so your deck looks like a patio.


Structural Retaining Walls:

Retaining walls are engineered by the manufacturer, but it is the contractor’s workmanship that insures that the walls will stand for many years. Insuring that the walls have solid footing and adequate drainage behind the wall is critical. In many cases Foliage Design Systems is asked to consult on walls that have failed and to re-build walls to their proper specifications.


Water Features:

Foliage Design Systems Chicago works with their customers to design water features that incorporate on site drainage into a rain garden or hidden water feature. By directing downspouts to a low area, installing a water tight liner, and filling the area with stone a simple water feature can become the focal of any backyard.